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Riding chaps - EQUISHOP Equestrian Shop
Chaps The simplest definition of chaps would be the rider’s protectors. You put them on in order to protect your calves from chafing that might be caused by the saddle or ... Arrow right en Arrow right 24-riding-coats
Riding coats - EQUISHOP Equestrian Shop
Ladies' coat for horse riding is a peculiar, but very useful element of equestrian wardrobe. What a riding coat is? Ladies' riding coat is different from a regular ladies' ... Arrow right en Arrow right blog
Horses' habits - cribbing - EQUISHOP Equestrian Shop
We describe what is cribbing and what are its causes. What is more, we describe common methods that should prevent it... Arrow right en Arrow right riding-vests
A warm unisex vest with a stand-up collar. It has a detachable hood and is fastened with a two-way zipper. It has wide quilted stripes. This vest is made of the highest ... Arrow right en Arrow right 68-dressage-saddles
Dressage saddles - EQUISHOP Equestrian Shop
Dressage saddle - Equestrian store Equishop Dressage saddles have special structure that proves optimal for dressage riders. They have deeper seats and big knee blocks of ... Arrow right en Arrow right blog
Breeches - history of equestrian pants - EQUISHOP Equestrian Shop
Breeches are an intrinsic element of every rider's outfit (although at first the word "breeches" meant knee- or half-calf length pants... Arrow right en Arrow right 73-stirrup-leathers
Stirrup leathers - EQUISHOP Equestrian Shop
Stirrup leathers are straps to which the stirrups are attached. The stirrup leathers are another, necessary element of the equestrian equipment. In Equishop’s offer you can ... Arrow right en Arrow right 26-women-s-riding-show-jackets
Women's riding show jackets - EQUISHOP Equestrian Shop
Ladies' show jackets just as men's show jackets are always very elegant, their cut and colour are strictly defined by the equestrian associations and international regulations...